Look the Evil of Planned Parenthood in the Eye

Bradley Mattes   |   July 28, 2015

The Center for Medical Progress just released the third video further exposing the black heart of Planned Parenthood.

Anyone with eyes to see—at least with eyes willing to see—can recognize the tiny hand and forearm, the tiny leg, picked at in a glass pie plate. You can see the neural tissue—what should have finished becoming a child’s brain and spinal cord—as a Planned Parenthood abortionist dismisses the idea of a flat fee and suggests a “per-item thing works a little better, just because we can see how much we can get out of it.”

Be warned—this video isn’t well-dressed people sipping wine and discussing “specimens” over lunch. This is right inside a Planned Parenthood facility.

You may be tempted to turn away, thinking how much will decent people be able to stomach as this exposé of Planned Parenthood unfolds? But don’t turn away.

Last month I wrote to you about Planned Parenthood’s business model under President Cecile Richards. Titled Big Box Abortion, it described the deep cuts in non-abortion services and prenatal care and the push to build abortion mega-centers measuring tens of thousands of square feet. Abortion and the sale of body parts is the business of Planned Parenthood.

What you can do . . .

Contact your legislators, state and national. Write letters to the editor of your local paper. Call in to your local radio station. Demand your local media cover this story. Join a march. Start a march. Forward and share this email. Share it and the video on social media, and when you do, ask your friends to share it too.

Like me, you’ll no doubt want to weep for the 57 million babies slaughtered since 1973. I also weep for what this nation has done and the culture of death it continues to support.

But I won’t turn away and you mustn’t either. Look this evil squarely in the eye and call it out, once and for all.

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