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The Impact of One Woman’s Choice

JCWillke   |   February 01, 2010

I received a letter from a mother who tells of the experience of her son, Robert, in a high school class. The teacher told them a story and asked them to comment.

“The class was told that a girl in high school had become pregnant. The teacher then elaborated on the situation. This girl was from a very poor family, yet had a high IQ and would probably be one of the few of her family to get out of poverty. She had already been offered a full scholarship to one of the leading universities in the country.

“Her only living relatives were a full-time working mother and a sickly grandmother. She had no other persons to turn to for care for a baby and would have had to quit school to take care of the soon-coming baby. She would lose the scholarship if she quit school and would then more than likely follow her family history into poverty.

“The teacher asked, ‘What should she do?’ Just about everyone in the class gave their opinion, almost all of them agreeing that she should have an abortion and stay in school. It was then that my son, Robert, raised his hand to give his opinion. He looked around the classroom for a moment and then said, ‘If it were left up to you, I would not be here today. That girl was like my mother. You see, I was adopted. My mom was in a similar situation. She chose, though, to give life to me and then loved me enough to place me in the loving arms of adoptive parents.’

“After this statement, the other kids in the class came over and apologized to my son. Many of the girls cried or had tears in their eyes. His story had brought home to them that a fetus is more than just a piece of flesh—it’s a real person. Even the teacher then concluded the class by saying that if one looks diligently enough for another alternative, they will undoubtedly find a satisfactory solution.”

This boy’s adoptive mother also enclosed a letter that she had written to his unknown birth mother. Let me share just one paragraph out of it:

“We may never know the difficulties you have faced in making your choice not to abort. We do know the joy of raising and loving the child that you gave the right to live. We reach out to you, dear mother that you are, over the span of many years to tell you how much we have to thank you for. We love and pray for you, wherever you may be. We, who are the mother and father of Robert, your son, pray for you. Thank you for not aborting our son. We love him dearly. May God always bless and keep you in His amazing love.”

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