Extremism Exposed

Bradley Mattes   |   July 19, 2013

Planned Parenthood works hard to project a public image of being the “most trusted provider of reproductive health care.” The intention of their marketing strategy—carefully cultivated over years by high-priced consulting firms—was to earn the public’s trust (and tax dollars) by operating under the guise of protecting women’s health. Yet, when they and their pro-abortion colleagues feel that abortion is being threatened, the gloves come off and the ugly true nature of Planned Parenthood and the culture of death are revealed.

Nowhere has this extremist behavior played out more than in Texas. In a series of events, the actions of pro-abortion activists progressively became more severe and threatening. The first incident took place after pro-abortion Senator Wendy Davis led an 11-hour filibuster, and the bill came to a vote on the Senate floor. An unruly crowd of abortion supporters attempted to hijack the legislative process by inciting chaos.

Who was among the leaders of this unrestrained mob? None other than Planned Parenthood president, Cecile Richards. In fact, she even encouraged the horde via Twitter with messages to “rush the floor” and “make some noise—louder!” When it became clear they were on the losing end, Planned Parenthood and its supporters resorted to nothing short of bullying tactics. And that was just the beginning.

Governor Rick Perry was quick to schedule a second special session to address the abortion bill. This time, Planned Parenthood was determined to be even more prepared, armed with a crowd of relentless protestors. But this wasn’t a group of passionate, grassroots pro-abortion supporters.

No, Planned Parenthood had to open its wallet (padded with taxpayer funds) to pay for protestors! The ad on Craig”s List boasted a payout of $1,300 to $2,200 per month to individuals working to “expand global reproductive rights.” This group of recruits was radical. Clothed in the color orange, they paraded around with signs far too obscene to mention. Even young children were seen holding signs that referenced profanity and parts of the female anatomy. One crowd loudly chanted, “Hail Satan!” while pro-lifers were singing Amazing Grace. Reportedly, Planned Parenthood also aligned with Occupy and the Socialist party to fuel further rage within the protests.

As the final vote in the Senate neared, emotions ran high and the conditions became even fiercer. Once again, Planned Parenthood was prepared for mob-like conditions. The rotunda became ground central for protests. Chants coming from the mass of orange shirts echoed through the walls, at times accompanied by barbaric screaming. Rumors spread that the pro-abortion activists were planning to interrupt the Senate debate by throwing items at pro-life senators, including used feminine hygiene products. The Department of Safety took the threats seriously and turned away protestors with: one jar suspected to contain urine, 18 jars suspected to contain feces, three bottles suspected to contain paint, multiple packages of glitter and confetti and confiscated significant quantities of feminine hygiene products. One report stated that an official also discovered bricks. Pro-lifers were warned that many pro-abortion protestors planned on getting arrested and being aggressive with pro-lifers. The warning was not in vain as at least 12 protestors were arrested. Some resisted arrest by kicking and punching, resulting in physical altercations with the authorities. The capitol was even put on lock-down to prevent further chaos and potential violence. Deputies moved pro-lifers to separate rooms that were locked and guarded to protect them. Not once did Planned Parenthood issue a statement to denounce the dangerous and illegal behavior.

Meanwhile, Cecile Richards was quoted on MSNBC as stating, the reason the protests were taking place is because “the bills are so extreme and unpopular.” Isn’t that ironic? The evidence overwhelmingly shows that what’s truly extreme is the behavior from the pro-aborts, supported and even financed by Planned Parenthood.

What happened in Texas is also taking place across this country. It’s a sign of complete and utter desperation—a realization that the abortion industry is losing the hearts of Americans on abortion. While in Texas, Planned Parenthood publicly sided with the fringe elements of society and people don’t like what they see.

Pro-lifers must not be silent. Planned Parenthood has shown its true colors and we must expose them for all to see. They have no concern for the will of the people. Instead, they would forcibly impose its radical pro-abortion agenda through whatever means deemed necessary. Join with me in exposing the extremism of Planned Parenthood. Share this message via social media or email. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper. Contact your representatives to ensure they will stand on the side of life and against Planned Parenthood. Together let’s shine a light on the true radicals in the life-and-death battle over abortion.

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