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Exposing Planned Parenthood’s Illegal and Dirty Little Secrets

Bradley Mattes   |   September 30, 2011

I write with HUGE news this week. Pro-lifers are closer than ever to exposing Planned Parenthood’s abortion business and putting their federal funding in jeopardy. After many years, the time has finally come for our elected officials to challenge the dirty practices of the nation’s largest chain of abortion mills.

Congressman Cliff Stearns is heading this investigation by the House Energy and Commerce Committee. House Republicans have begun looking into the organization’s federal funds—specifically to determine whether or not your tax dollars are illegally used for abortion.

The numbers are shocking. Every day, about $1 million of our tax dollars goes to Planned Parenthood. On top of this, they also abort over 332,000 babies a year.

Recent video stings have cast a massive shadow over the organization. Planned Parenthood has been caught red-handed failing to report statutory rape of young girls who’ve had abortions to cover up crimes. On these videos, some affiliates have worked hand-in-glove with sex traffickers of minor girls. This investigation will also look into Planned Parenthood’s policies and procedures to handle such cases.

Almost immediately, the abortion profiteers that squander and abuse the use of our tax dollars have defensively circled the wagons at these simple requests of congressional oversight. In a fundraising plea to the organization’s radical abortion activists, their president, Cecile Richards, attacked such perfectly legal and appropriate efforts as “harassment” and “intimidation.” Click here for details.

Richards ridiculously even went so far to label the investigation as unconstitutional by accusing members of Congress—who’re demanding answers—of misusing their power.

Despite appearing to play it cool, Planned Parenthood knows deep down that exposing their deathly agenda and profits is a major blow to their invincibility. That’s why they’’ve hired a polished, high-priced lawyer. It’s also why their pro-abortion Democrat cronies in Congress are ready to defend them (ironically) to the death. Two of them—, Henry Waxman and Diana DeGette, —have already denounced the investigation, saying it “unfairly” smears Planned Parenthood that, get this, does “life-saving work.”

Here’’s a newsflash for these pro-abortion members of Congress. In just one year, Planned Parenthood kills enough preborn children to equal the population of one of the following cities: Honolulu, Tampa, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Corpus Christi, Cincinnati, Lexington or Anchorage. That’’s not life-saving work.

In a time where millions of innocent little lives depend on Americans knowing the truth, Life Issues Institute needs your help. Join us in supporting members of Congress who are demanding answers about Planned Parenthood’s abortion business. Please send Rep. Cliff Stearns an email of gratitude, and circulate this information as widely as possible.


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