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Evidence Shows Abortion Industry Partners with Sexual Predators

Bradley Mattes   |   July 01, 2002

Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation are providing cover for men who sexually abuse underage girls.

This accusation has been leveled against two giants of the abortion industry by a pro-life research organization. Their findings have uncovered considerable evidence that adult men who impregnate girls, even as young as 10 years old, are hiding from the law with the help of these two organizations.

What the Research Shows
Studies indicate that, of pregnant girls 15 or younger, 60 to 80 percent are impregnated by adult men.* Further, the data shows that the younger the girl is, the older the perpetrator is likely to be.* Research also demonstrates that the average age of men who father children with girls 14 or younger is higher than those who father children with women 18 years old.*

When underage girls, sexually active with adult men, are compared to girls having sex with boys close to their own age, a pattern of self-destructive behavior emerges. They are more prone to: have multiple sex partners, engage in dangerous sexual behaviors, become pregnant, drop out of school, run away from home, abuse drugs or alcohol, be on welfare, become estranged from friends and family, be in physically abusive relationships, get divorced or be lured into prostitution.*

One study showed that girls between 11 and 13 who are sexually active with men more than five years older than themselves are significantly more likely to attempt suicide.*

Research also indicates that the highest number of sexually transmitted diseases is among girls 15 to 19. Further, an overwhelming majority of them were exposed to these STDs by adult men.*

This documented evidence was researched and compiled by Life Dynamics, Inc. The Denton, Texas pro-life research organization was also responsible for exposing the ghastly dissection of aborted babies and the wholesale marketing of their body parts. Their investigative efforts resulted in a special exposé on the network news program, 20/20, which independently confirmed Life Dynamics’ research. As a result, a special hearing was held in Congress.

*Life Dynamics has put together a thorough list of documented citations regarding the above research. If you would like a copy, go to or contact our office.

The Law is Clear
Failing to report child abuse is a crime in all fifty states. Abortion facilities present themselves to the community as a health care provider, and the law requires that health care providers must report suspected child abuse. It is not necessary for them to determine if abuse has actually occurred. Their legal obligation is to report suspected criminal behavior to protect minor children from adult sexual predators. Even when parents are involved in the abortion decision, reporting is still mandated. It is the state authorities’ responsibility to investigate and decide if a crime has been committed.

The Abortion Industry Understands the Law
Evidence shows that the abortion industry is aware that sexual predators commonly prey on young girls.* Figures from the government support that evidence.*

Outrageous as it sounds, Planned Parenthood of Greater Northern New Jersey actually produced a book called Unequal Partners, Teaching About Power and Consent in Adult-Teen and Other Relationships. The book, in its second edition, is part of their sex-ed curriculum. In the foreword, authors Sue Montfort and Peggy Brick write, “The first edition of Unequal Partners was developed in response to research indicating that a large number of ‘adolescent’ pregnancies and births involve men older than 20.” The authors readily acknowledge considerable research that indicates serious problems for young girls who are sexually active with adult men. They cite several of the same studies noted in this article. Even in the face of conclusive research, the authors make this alarming statement. “It is important for users of Unequal Partners to know that this manual promotes healthy relationships regardless of the sex or age difference of the partners.”

The Research That Exposed Them
Alarmed with what the research and studies told them, Life Dynamics embarked on further research to determine the extent of the abortion industry’s complicity in breaking the law at the expense of millions of young girls. They surveyed over 800 Planned Parenthood and National Abortion Federation facilities throughout the nation. The caller pretended to be a 13-year-old girl, impregnated by a 22-year-old man. She said that they wanted to have an abortion to prevent her parents from becoming aware of her sexual activity with this man. The caller at no time suggested that her parents would become abusive if they found out about the pregnancy.

Caught in the Act of a Crime
The result of the phone survey was astounding. When the caller explained her pregnancy and their age difference, over 90 percent of the facilities offered ways to circumvent the law and not report it to the authorities. Some of the ways this was done included encouraging her to lie about her boyfriend’s age, give false names or conceal her age altogether.

Another clinic staffer said that the caller already told her too much, and then gave her the phone number of another facility, but told her to give a different story when she phoned.

In states where the law requires that at least one parent be informed of an abortion, one clinic worker advised the caller to use a false address when checking in. Where parental involvement laws include a judicial bypass, some actually encouraged her to lie to the judge, if asked, about the boyfriend’s age.

Some clinic staff gave her instructions on how to get around a parental involvement requirement. She was told to bring along someone old enough to impersonate a parent. One staffer lamented that the 22-year-old father of the baby would not look old enough to fake being the father. The caller then phoned back to say that her boyfriend’s 50-year-old uncle would do it. The staffer said fine, as long as the uncle didn’t say anything to divulge the true situation. She even suggested that the uncle come by first and sign the paper, and that the staff would notarize the signature, even though they knew it was fake.

Truth never seemed to be an obstacle too big to overcome for the Planned Parenthood and National Abortion Federation facilities. When the caller asked an employee if her age would be an issue, she responded that, with cash, she could be any age she wanted to be. It also became clearly evident that circumventing the law was a routine task for many of the facilities. Some readily admitted that this was a common occurrence.
The following are actual transcripts of calls made.

Clinic: Oh, okay. Let me stop you right here because if you tell me anything else, I have to call the Police.
Caller: Why?
Clinic: Because you’re 13 and your partner’s 22, right?
Caller: Yeah.
Clinic: That’s against the law. I have to report it by law.
Caller: Oh.
Clinic: So I don’t want to know your name or anything about you if you don’t want me calling the Police.
Caller: Okay.
Clinic: So what you need to do is you need to call completely anonymously and, umm, ya know, talk to someone on our appointment line. And don’t tell us anything about who your partner is. Okay?
Caller: Okay.

Clinic: Actually, that’s considered statutory rape.
Caller: Okay…
Clinic: You’re 14 and he’s 22.
Caller: Well, what can I do?
Clinic: You need to come in and let us evaluate you.
Caller: Okay. Would you guys have to tell anybody?
Clinic: Here? No, we don’t tell anybody anything.

Clinic: We try and keep things confidential, but if it’s something the clinician feels a bad feeling about then she might want to – she might call and report it.
Caller: So I shouldn’t tell her anything?
Clinic: Well, that is true. You could, you could do that if you wanted to.
Caller: Oh, okay.
Clinic: So, you could change his age or something if you feel that you need to.
Caller: Oh, okay.
Clinic: Don’t tell anyone I said that. (laughs)
Caller: All right.
Clinic: Okay?

Planned Parenthood did respond to the publicity this has generated so far. In their brief statement they said, “Planned Parenthood questions the reliability of staged tapes of supposed telephone conversations…” However, WTIC-TV in Hartford, Connecticut, through their own investigation, confirmed that the tapes made in their state were authentic. Associated Press reported that “Assistant State’s Attorney Steve Sedensky said just the fact that a 13-year-old is pregnant is evidence of abuse, without even mentioning a boyfriend in his 20s.”

After the phone survey was completed, Life Dynamics released this statement. “Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation have made a conscious decision to conceal the sexual exploitation of children and protect the men who commit these crimes.”

Legal Ramifications for the Guilty
State Attorneys General are already showing an interest in the evidence. Life Dynamics will assist local officials or pro-life organizations in their efforts to get justice for young girls who have fallen victim to a sexual predator and those who assisted him.

Another recourse may be legislation that prohibits these organizations from receiving state and federal funding. It would not be unreasonable to require that recipients of tax dollars follow all state and federal laws. It is also possible that if past funding was fraudulently obtained, it may need to be returned.

Life Dynamics will also assist efforts to present this new evidence to your local media.
The number of potential victims of sexual abuse could number into the millions. The civil court system may be an effective avenue to seek justice for them. The potential for many lawsuits and lucrative settlements may be highly attractive to personal injury trial lawyers. This widespread problem may also have the potential for a huge class-action lawsuit.

Many of the 16,000 school districts across America may be surprised to realize that they may also suffer the legal ramifications. Many schools have Planned Parenthood come into the classrooms where underage girls and boys are funneled into a system that facilitates a crime. In the eyes of the law, a school counselor may be equally guilty if he or she refers a 12-year-old pregnant student to Planned Parenthood and does not report it as a possible sexual crime. School districts throughout the nation may want to make reviewing their relationships with these organizations a priority.

Pro-lifers are faced with what appears to be a golden opportunity to affect this sexual abuse, which has reached epidemic proportions, as well as helping the victims to seek justice. It leaves the abortion industry highly vulnerable to exposure of their true agenda in local communities and with elected officials who determine their future funding. The abortion industry very seldom operates from a foundation of truth. This latest development demonstrates that the desire to make more money for the abortion industry tramples the rights and well being of women and young girls. Life Issues Institute encourages you to get involved to help stop this latest atrocity by those selling abortion. Contact Life Dynamics, PO Box 2226, Denton, TX 76202. Phone 800.800.5433 or


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