Down Syndrome Video and Resources

Editor   |   April 04, 2018

Watch featured episodes from Life Issues Institute’s Emmy® Award-winning TV program, Facing Life Head-On.


Dear Future Mom

A heartwarming message from 15 people with Down syndrome to a future mom.







GiGi’s Playhouse

GiGi’s Playhouse helps those with Down syndrome reach their highest potential and spreads positive awareness.





A Crowning Achievement

The story of a very special high school and its students, who gave a very memorable evening to two of its most loved seniors.




Going to Bat for Down Syndrome

Andy LaRoche is more than a Major League third baseman. He has a major-league heart for children with Down syndrome.




Unexpected Joys: Part One and Part Two

The story of one family’s journey into the amazing world of life with Down syndrome.





Completing the Family

Tripp and Barbara Curtis had nine children when they decided to adopt three more. Barbara says adopting three children with Down syndrome is what completed their family.




Website Resources

The Love Chromosome
Julie Tennant loves her life, she taught her brother to love his life, and she wants you to love your life, too.

Brighter Tomorrows
Specifically for parents after a Down syndrome prenatal diagnosis. Accurate information about Down syndrome but much, much more.

The Baby Center: Down Syndrome
Active message board with mothers on the prenatal journey, and those months and years down the road. Very supportive group.

Gifts: Mothers Reflect on How Children with Down Syndrome Enrich Their Lives
An award-winning book by women from all ethnic and religious backgrounds and professional achievement who discuss their experiences of loving and living with children with Down syndrome.

GiGi’s Playhouse
Down syndrome awareness centers providing myriad services and opportunities for infants and children with Down syndrome. An especially supportive resource for those who have just received the news about their baby.

International Mosaic Down Syndrome Association
Up-to-date information and access to other families with children who have Mosaic Down syndrome.

Mosaic Down Syndrome
Features a message board, many articles about Mosaic Down syndrome and an extensive list of personal stories.

Upside of Down USA
User-friendly online community for families. Create your own page to tell your story, share links and photos and create and join regional groups.

Chloe’s Message
Chloe has Down syndrome, and her site showcases the many positive seeds she has planted in her family and community.

Noah’s Dad
A dad’s intimate blog about life with his son combined with links to other parents’ blogs and resources for parents.

Be Not Afraid 

Be Not Afraid (BNA) is a private non-profit organization which provides comprehensive case management to parents carrying to term following a prenatal diagnosis.  Our staff and peers strive to develop a relationship of trust while providing for the emotional and tangible needs of parents at diagnosis, during pregnancy, at birth and during the post postpartum period for up to one year.

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