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Don’t Only Say “Partial-Birth Abortion”

JCWillke   |   April 01, 2001

We’ve done some research and found an interesting dynamic. When you speak to a person and say “Partial-Birth…” their ears perk up. But then when you say “…Abortion,” many people immediately shut down. They know all about abortion and don’t want to hear any more about it. They see us as religious freaks and think we don’t like women and burn down clinics. So the message is lost.

Rather say, “Killing babies during delivery…(pause). You know, Partial-Birth Abortion.” This gets their attention. They certainly don’t approve of killing babies during delivery and think that no one does this. But when you then explain that this is exactly what Partial-Birth Abortion is, they are amazed — and troubled.

This wording, in practice, is far more effective than simply saying, “Partial Birth Abortion.” Try it. 

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