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Disguising Abortion to Look Like Labor

Bradley Mattes   |   October 01, 2004

Words are important in our efforts to protect innocent human life. Those who promote abortion use a litany of euphemisms designed to de-humanize the child.

Here’’s the latest example. Some hospitals have incorporated late-term abortion into an institution previously dedicated to healing. These abortions are so late that the baby is often born alive. An accurate description is “live birth abortion.” Even though the baby survives, the healthcare personnel do nothing to assist these babies as they struggle for life.

The hospital’s’ public relations and marketing teams don’’t like to use the “A” word. They know admitting to doing abortions would make them vulnerable to pro-life pickets, media controversy and furious donors. To avoid all that unpleasant pandemonium, they’’ve come up with a description to disguise the fact that they have joined the ranks of late-term abortionists. They call it an “early induction of labor.” Translated, this means they deliberately put the mother into premature labor, knowing the baby will not survive without immediate medical attention.

In reality, it’’s a cold, calculated scheme to blur the line between spontaneous premature delivery and abortion. And it’’s become widespread.

Two prominent Catholic-affiliated hospital systems are committing late-term abortions on handicapped babies under the guise of “early induction of labor.”

The Loyola University Health System and the Providence Health System (31 hospitals) have a written policy regarding live birth abortion. Both said they strictly adhered to the “Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services.” The Providence statement was more vague. However, Loyola University specifically said they delayed the abortion until the baby was 24 weeks old in the womb and considered “viable.” In their corporate mind, this doesn’’t qualify as an abortion and makes them compatible with the US Catholic Bishops’’ ethical and religious directives.

Viability is a scientific measurement to determine when an unborn child can live outside his or her mother’’s womb. But any healthcare provider knows that critical medical care is essential to every child at this age. Tragically, these babies have a symbolic scarlet “A” written on their foreheads and receive zero medical attention. There’’s even evidence that in some institutions babies are actively killed by drowning or other means.

Loyola is quick to point out they only kill babies who are the victims of anencephaly or Potter’’s disease (underdevelopment of the brain and kidneys). This doesn’’t exonerate them. Quite the opposite;— it further condemns them for discriminating against handicapped newborns. The fact that they kill only a small segment of society doesn’’t make the dirty deed any less vile.

Hospitals that participate in live birth abortions are putting their federal funding at risk. President George W. Bush signed the Born Alive Infants Protection Act. It states that children who are lucky enough to survive an abortion will be afforded proper medical care to sustain their lives. Herein lies the problem. Hospitals are either unaware of this federal legislation, or are thumbing their noses at it.

There is also the possibility that the American With Disabilities Act may be a way to prosecute wayward healthcare facilities. It can be eagerly argued a hospital that intentionally induces labor, and then ignores the baby’s struggles for life, fully gets what it deserves within the parameters of law.

Jill Stanek, a registered nurse, was at the forefront of initially exposing live birth abortions. She testified before Congress to pass legislation to protect their lives. Now, Jill is hearing from nurses that live birth abortions continue to be committed in hospitals around the nation. Jill shared with me some of the alarming, first-hand accounts of so-called labor inductions.

A nurse in a Southern California emergency room reported her experience of seeing a premature birth and death of an infant:

“The focus turned to stabilizing the mom who was bleeding profusely. I felt so badly for her and tried to comfort. She was quite cold to my attempts, which, of course, raised suspicions. When mom’’s “primary physician” arrived on scene, we all realized that it was, in fact, an abortion. This was a perfectly formed 26-week baby. Someone laid her on a table. The image of that beautiful, perfect little infant haunts me to this day. I’’ve seen it in my sleep.”

At one abortion mill, a nurse witnessed horribly cruel acts:

“They put the babies in red biohazard bags when they were still moving . . . tied the bag up . . . put them in a biohazard box. The biohazard medical service would pick boxes up Monday and Thursday.”

Jill said, ““The Born Alive Infants Protection Act is like the proverbial tree that fell in the woods no one heard.”” As a nurse, she is ashamed of the medical profession. Jill said, ““I shouldn’’t have to remind so-called Christian hospital administrators, ethicists and theologians that they are called to protect—not destroy—the most vulnerable and sickest among us. They are called to help parents bear the unbearable loss of a child, not trigger it.””

While legal and civil options are being pursued, you can go to pro-life healthcare professionals in your local hospital(s). Ask them to investigate and find out whether or not it is involved with “early induction of labor.” If so, immediately get in contact with Jill Stanek. You can reach her at: Jill Stanek, 11664 Sundance Trail, Mokena, IL 60448 or by email.

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