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Chemical Coat Hanger Hurts and Kills More Women

Bradley Mattes   |   May 01, 2004

RU 486 was approved September 28, 2000, by a political, fast-track process with the help of then-President Bill Clinton. Since that time, we know of three American women, one Canadian and one Swede who have died as a result of this chemical abortion process. At least 22 women have required hospitalization or “intervention to prevent permanent impairment.” Five women had “life threatening” or “other” medical outcomes.

Two of the American deaths were due to undiagnosed ectopic or tubal pregnancies. One of those was 38-year-old Tennessee resident, Brenda Vise, who died September 12, 2001.

You are likely aware of RU 486’’s most recent victim, Holly Patterson. She died September 17, 2003. It was determined that the Planned Parenthood abortion mill, where Holly received the chemical abortion, didn’’t follow their own safety guidelines.

The latest revelation of a woman to die from RU 486 is Rebecca Tell Berg. She is a 16-year-old from Uddevalla, Sweden. What’’s even more alarming about Rebecca’’s death is that the abortion mill staff followed all the safety guidelines, and she still died. This further demonstrates that RU 486 is dangerous to women and should be pulled from the US market pending a Congressional investigation.

Rebecca died on June 3, 2003. Her mother, who wasn’’t aware of the abortion until afterward, is brokenhearted and angry. The teenager was given three 200 milligram pills of RU 486. Two days later she was given two Cytotec pills. The American drug company that makes Cytotec warns it is dangerous when used on pregnant women. A few hours after taking the second drug, Rebecca was in considerable pain and experiencing heavy bleeding. The staff kept her at the hospital for eight hours for observation to make sure the bleeding wasn’’t excessive.

The night before she died, Rebecca stayed at the apartment of her 19-year-old boyfriend, Niklas Mattsson. That morning Niklas made her breakfast and left the apartment. Upon his return, he found the breakfast uneaten and the girl dead in the shower. The coroner confirmed she died from blood loss as a result of the RU 486 chemical abortion. The Swedish Medical Products Agency determined that “all the rules were followed and the girl was given the correct dosage.” Even so, Rebecca is still dead and her mother is grieving.

Now there’’s been another devastating development, here at home. Dana Powell, a 30-year-old woman from Akron, Ohio, has filed a lawsuit against the Akron Women’’s Center for Choice, as well as the abortionist, Raymond Robinson. When Dana developed problems, she called the abortion mill. She was told to take a second Cytotec pill and call them back the following day. Her medical condition deteriorated to the point that she had to go to an area hospital. Once there, she was diagnosed with a ruptured ectopic pregnancy. The ordeal left Dana sterile and unable to have children.

Since RU 486 will not abort an ectopic pregnancy, the Food and Drug Administration has stressed the need of abortionists to be able to identify this often-lethal situation. While Dana is devastated she will not be able to conceive children, she is fortunate to have survived this legal abortion. Others have not.

If the abortion industry truly cared about the wellbeing of women, they would stop using this chemical coat hanger on them. How many more women must be killed or maimed before they get the message?

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