States Pushing to End Down Syndrome Abortions

Editor   |   June 20, 2016

down syndrome abortionsAn estimated 67% of babies diagnosed with Down syndrome in the US are aborted.

Pro-life political leaders in the Midwest are taking a stand for life and initiating state legislation banning abortions based a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome.

North Dakota became the first state in 2013 to ban Down syndrome abortions or abortions based on gender selection. In March 2016 Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed the Dignity for the Unborn bill making it illegal to abort a child because of “race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, or diagnosis or potential diagnosis of the fetus having Down syndrome or any other disability.”

Ohio and Missouri are currently considering similar legislation.

Did you know… that as hundreds of thousands of women undergo prenatal screenings each year, many of their tests for Down Syndrome can be give a false-positive half the time. In fact, by the testing industry’s own studies, the tests for chromosomal conditions like Down syndrome can be false-positive half the time.

Nevertheless, manufacturers promote their tests as “99% accurate, simple and trusted,” and “near-perfect,” with “simple, clear results.” These statements aren’t verified, and the tests aren’t approved by the FDA. They are, however, expensive, ranging in cost from $795 to $1,495.

The Unexpected Joy of Raising a Child with Down Syndrome

Click on this picture to watch our Facing Life Head-On episodes “Unexpected Joys” on raising children with Down syndrome.

About 6,000 babies are born with Down syndrome in the US each year.

Nearly every parent who receives the diagnosis will feel horror, fear, and grief. But while their child will experience some cognitive delays, they can attend school, hold jobs, have meaningful relationships, and contribute to society in many wonderful ways.

And seeing the world through their eyes, and experiencing the thrill that comes with each new accomplishment, create the “unexpected joys” that comes from raising a child with Down syndrome.

Our state legislators are responsible for passing—or blocking—legislation protecting the life and rights of people with disabilities. It is critical that you know what is at stake in the 2016 Elections.

Remember to research the candidates on your ballet carefully. It’s important to vote, and even more important to make an informed decision. Your vote in November can help elect members of congress who will act and vote according to the demand of the public—so be sure that your demand is heard! 

Dawn and Glenn Downs were frightened when told their newborn son, Will, had Down syndrome. But having Will in their life has helped them appreciate what they have and not focus on what they don’t have.

April Meyers and Mac Mattheis are two of the increasing number of young adults with Down syndrome enrolled in college, working in businesses, and enjoying sports and the arts. Learn more about the Unexpected Joys that comes with not participating in Down syndrome abortions by watching the full 2-part videos from our Emmy® award-winning television program Facing Life Head-On here.

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