He Loves You Desperately


He Loves You Desperately

Bradley Mattes   |   April 04, 2024


The number of people killed in Oregon by euthanasia increased an alarming twenty percent last year.  Part is due to dropping the state residency requirement.  This means the state is now a one-way tourist destination for death.  So why do people request assistance in dying?  You may be surprised to know it’s not pain.  The three top reasons are loss of autonomy, a decreasing ability to participate in activities that bring them joy, and a loss of dignity.  There’s a simple way to counter a person’s desire to end his or her life.  Show by your actions that this person is valued and loved.  Let them also know they’re loved by the one who made them.  When you realize the God who created the universe loves you desperately, you look at things differently.

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