Wait for the Blessings


Wait for the Blessings

Bradley Mattes   |   February 21, 2024


One of the things that makes me so angry are medical professionals who doom preborn children facing challenges and aggressively push for abortion.  Of course, many times their predictions don’t come true, and the children are blessings to all around them.  And sometimes it’s after they’re born.  Little Millie in our church congregation faces challenges ahead yet she’s soldiering on.  But one of the medical people who come to her house tell mom she’ll never amount to anything.  I asked if I could be there the next time she shows up on their doorstep.  Mom and dad wisely declined.  If you find yourself or someone you know facing challenging circumstances with an unborn child.  Killing them is never the God-pleasing solution.  Instead, lean into the Savior and wait for the blessings.    

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