Nine Planned Parenthoods Close


Nine Planned Parenthoods Close

Bradley Mattes   |   January 03, 2024


Planned Parenthood in Iowa has closed their nineth abortion facility!  With pro-life legislation passed in Iowa, there’s no market for abortion.  We’ve been living under Roe for so long and its edict of abortion until birth we need to be reminded what a blessing it is to allow states to protect their babies and mothers.  It’s also crucial to remember how we got here.  You and I voted for pro-life legislators, governors, members of Congress and the president.  I wouldn’t vote a dog catcher into office unless he or she was pro-life because every politician climbs their own political ladder of success.  If we politically knock pro-abortion candidates off that first rung we can keep them from allowing the babies and their moms to be hurt by abortion.

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