Embryonic Stem Cells 25 Years Later


Embryonic Stem Cells 25 Years Later

Bradley Mattes   |   November 13, 2023


Twenty-five years ago, embryonic stem cells made their scientific debut.  It was sold as the silver bullet to curing pretty much all diseases known to mankind.  Those of us who opposed killing human embryos for experimentation but supported adult stem cells were labeled science deniers and cruel for wanting to withhold these medical miracles from children plagued with illness.  The money started pouring in to fund the research, three billion tax dollars in California alone.  They were so sure of themselves and sniffed at the idea adult stem cells were the promise of the future.  What did these scientific elitists achieve after twenty-five years?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Time has proven the real science deniers were those who believed in killing human life for experimentation.

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