Brain Surgery on the Unborn


Brain Surgery on the Unborn

Bradley Mattes   |   November 22, 2023


Boston Children’s Hospital made history recently by doing the first ever brain surgery on an unborn child.  Derek and Kenyatta Coleman were at a thirty-week sonogram when doctors diagnosed baby Denver with a rare blood vessel abnormality in her brain.  It slows blood flow and as a result, high-pressure blood can rush into the brain.  The surgery involved doctors making an incision into the womb and then into Denver’s skull.  Using ultrasound, they located the artery and successfully performed the surgery.  Six weeks after birth, Denver was doing remarkably well, eating normally, gaining weight, and is home.  As more breakthrough surgeries are performed, the majestic beauty of God’s creation in the womb becomes more evident.  Our prayer of course is the unborn will be seen as cherished members of the human race.   

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