Baby Held Hostage at Hospital


Baby Held Hostage at Hospital

Bradley Mattes   |   November 14, 2023


It was a long legal battle between Claire and Dean Gregory against the Queen’s Medical Center and the government-controlled healthcare system.  Their daughter Indi had a grave illness and was on life-sustaining treatment.  The courts sided with the hospital to remove her ventilator and she died the morning after – even though Italy’s Prime Minister offered to provide care for Indi.  When in court, Dean said, “I felt as if hell pulled at me.  It was like the devil was there.”  So, they had Indi baptized.  Dean also decided to get baptized.  I believe Dean was right.  Satan was in the middle of it all.  Why did the hospital hold Indi hostage until she died?  One could suspect they were protecting themselves from a potential lawsuit and looking horrendously bad if the child had lived. 

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