Ushering Patients into Early Graves


Ushering Patients into Early Graves

Bradley Mattes   |   September 14, 2023

Canada legalized euthanasia and it seems California is trying to catch up with them.  Here’s why that’s a very bad idea.  Canada saw a fifty-four percent increase in assisted suicides in one year.  The increase was so alarming, Quebec’s Commission on end-of-life care sent the so-called doctors a memo asking them to slow down the killing.  The memo reminded doctors the applicants should be given time to reconsider their decision.  And each case should be approved by two independent doctors, not to rubber stamp an approval.  The memo stated, “Shopping around for a favorable second opinion is not an acceptable practice.”  You only need to look at Canada to realize where America is headed.  Doctors who usher patients into early graves is beyond disturbing.

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