New Research on Abortion Pill Reversal’s Effectiveness

ve8QAd   |   August 10, 2023

Abortion pill reversal saves unborn babies when their mothers have a change of heart part way through a chemical abortion pill procedure.

A new study demonstrates an impressive success rate which translates into legitimate hope for tens of thousands of women who want to save their babies.

Chemical abortion consists of taking two different pills, mifepristone, followed by misoprostol to effectively kill an unborn child early in pregnancy. The first drug, mifepristone blocks progesterone receptors in a woman’s body and reduces the receptivity of the endometrium or lining of the uterus. Progesterone is the major hormone needed to maintain a pregnancy.  Misoprostol causes uterine contractions to expel the dead baby.

You can learn more about the chemical abortion pill on our website where we have comprehensive facts and information.

Progesterone has been safely and effectively used with at-risk pregnancies for over seven decades. So, common sense led doctors to consider it to counteract the effects of mifepristone. In spite of the abortion pill reversal’s success rate of 64-68% and saving thousands of babies, it has no shortage of flat-earth-minded distractors.

New research, published in Scientific Reports by Doctors Christina Camilleri and Stephen Sammut is the first heaping spoonful of crow that naysayers will have to eat. I hope they’re hungry.

Using a rat model, they divided them into three different groups.

   A control group of pregnant rats given neither mifepristone nor progesterone.
   Those given mifepristone and no progesterone.
   Rats given both mifepristone and progesterone.

All were carefully monitored throughout the gestation period, tracking weight loss/gain, blood loss, and fetal heart rate. The number and condition of the gestational sacs and fetuses were also followed.

An impressive 81% of rats given both mifepristone and progesterone resulted in saved pregnancies with fully developed living fetuses.

Why rats? Dr. David Prentice, a renowned expert with nearly 50 years’ experience as a scientific researcher and professor, says, “The biochemistry regarding progesterone, its receptor, and mifepristone (which competes for the progesterone receptor) are virtually identical to the human situation. So, this model gives insight into how the system works in humans.” An Executive Summary on the research is available.

Many in the media and elsewhere point to a study conducted by abortionists and abortion activists with the goal to disgrace abortion pill reversal. The research had only 12 women enrolled and two dropped out because of the pill’s difficult side effects of nausea, vomiting, and bleeding.

The research was abruptly ended when three women required emergency hospital treatment for hemorrhaging. Two of the three women received mifepristone only which clearly demonstrates the dangers of the abortion pill. However, many in the media twisted the results to advocate for abortion. Kayla Epstein writing for the Washington Post falsely stated, “One of the women had received a placebo, while two others had taken the progesterone.” The reverse was true as stated in the study.

In spite of mounting evidence that abortion pill reversal is safe, effective, and accommodates women’s choice and desire for healthcare, the other side will mount aggressive campaigns against this breakthrough protocol to save unborn babies.

Use this new tool to liberate women and their unborn babies from the abortion industry and its advocates which won’t tolerate anything that affects their bottom line.

In the battle for life,

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One thought on “New Research on Abortion Pill Reversal’s Effectiveness

  1. Please note that the one woman who took the progesterone and went to the emergency room for bleeding, did NOT require any treatment. She was having a miscarriage and simply had bleeding because of that. She was sent home.
    The other 4 women who also took progesterone did not have miscarriages and their babies lived: 80% survival rate with the women who took progesterone!
    2 of the 5 women who took placebo had to receive medical treatment for severe bleeding including transfusion!
    Progesterone PROTECTED women after taking mifepristone (and not the second drug Misoprostol)!

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