Thanks Be to God

As part of the National Day of Prayer, we express profound gratitude to God that He heard our prayers and poured out His mercy upon an undeserving nation, ending Roe v Wade.  Now, tens of thousands of innocent unborn babies and their parents are spared the horrific realities of abortion.  But because more babies need saving, we must be ever vigilant in our prayers both today and always that God would end this modern-day holocaust.  Pray also for the mothers and fathers of these tiny victims, that they may find forgiveness and peace in God’s amazing grace, a gift so powerful, so all-inclusive it covers even the sin of abortion.  Yes, thanks be to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords that our nation can begin to heal from the scourge of abortion.

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One thought on “Thanks Be to God

  1. Abortion was mainstreamed and protected by using the courts to override the will of We,thePeople as part of a new government policy to “control” human population growth, humans being viewed as just another creature happening in godless/self-godly evolution. When LordGod is recognized as Creator and we as the only creatures made in His Image, this killing field called abortion created by true evil will end. Pray steadfastly to the One Who can stop evil in His appointed time.

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