Temptation of Organ Donation


Temptation of Organ Donation

Bradley Mattes   |   April 26, 2023

Pastor Ryan Marlow suffered a brain injury due to an infection. Just weeks later doctors labeled Ryan brain dead, told his wife Meghan he was “clinically deceased” and put a time of death on his chart. Ryan was an organ donor so three days later they planned to harvest them while he was left on life support. Then the doctors called his wife to say he wasn’t brain dead but couldn’t live without life support. They told her they would adjust the time of his death to when they harvested Ryan’s organs. The day scheduled for harvesting his organs, their niece was in Ryan’s room playing videos of his children singing, and he moved his feet. There are many good doctors out there but be aware the temptation of organ donation may not result in what’s best for the patient.

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2 thoughts on “Temptation of Organ Donation

  1. Sounds like an excellent quality of life for Ryan, what with the foot-moving. How dare you suggest organ donation is a disservice to patients? Did you know life support is painful?

    1. Craig, I have done immense research on the issue of organ donation. I am not saying organ donation is bad, but there are flaws to watch out for. The reality is that hospitals make huge sums of money by billing for harvesting organs and implanting them into other patients. There is an element in this industry that can be motivated by money. My advice is to do your own research and watch carefully over loved ones who are in a position of being donors. Here are links to a two-part documentary we did related to this subject. Part 1 and Part 2.

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