Four Abortions


Four Abortions

Bradley Mattes   |   April 19, 2023

April is Abortion Recovery Awareness Month and this week I’m sharing stories of those who by the grace of Jesus have recovered.  Lisa Stribling was seventeen, mother of a toddler and homeless when she had her first abortion.  Her life was dark and drug infested.  A year later abortion number two.  Then, another pregnancy but she married her boyfriend.  Soon, another pregnancy and her third abortion, but they were taking a toll.  Her husband, now in jail, became a Christian.  Lisa was seven months pregnant and also in jail.  The babies were conjoined so she had her fourth abortion, five dead babies.  In jail Lisa became a Christian.  Only Jesus can clean up a mess like this and He did.  The couple now pastor a church, a living testament to God’s mercy.

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One thought on “Four Abortions

  1. There are not enough discussions about the mental anguish that women (and men) live with following making this poor choice. By the grace of God there is forgiveness but one never forgets.

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