Individuals with Down Syndrome Can Parent

This week I’m featuring individuals with Down syndrome who’ve broken the stereotypical mold.  Today it’s Jad Issa from Syria.  One of the many misconceptions is people with Down syndrome can’t have children.  Jad not only fell in love and married, he also became a parent to Sader, who did not have the condition.  Jad began saving money for college and gave Sader everything a loving and nurturing dad could give.  Sader went on to become a dentist, and Jad couldn’t be prouder.  This dad, who enjoys much respect and notoriety in his community, loves to tell others, “My son is a doctor.”  But Jad isn’t the only proud member of the family.  Doctor Sader says he feels the same amount of pride for his dad.  Please visit for more information.

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