Major Win for Religious Freedom

ve8QAd   |   February 16, 2023

Religious freedom is being attacked from all angles. Christians have been pressured, hounded, bullied and intimidated to prevent them from expressing their religious faith in the public square.

But now a major U.S. Supreme Court decision protects your right to express your faith where it has been banned previously.

The near banning of our Christian faith in public areas has had a corrosive impact on standing up for the unborn and their mothers, but things have changed!

The U.S. Supreme Court case Lemon v. Kurtzman, like Roe v. Wade, plagued our nation for 50 years, in this case limiting our religious freedoms. Courts began to apply what was referred to as the “Lemon Test,” which enabled people to say they were “offended” by a religious display and thus win legal cases to have religious acts or displays banned.

In recent years, the Supreme Court has taken on the Lemon Test. Then finally last year, when the Court protected the right of coach Joe Kennedy to kneel in prayer on the field after a football game, it reversed Lemon v. Kurtzman.

The impact on daily American life is considerable:

  • Nativity sets can again be placed at courthouses.
  • Prayers can be said in courtrooms and before meetings of school boards, city councils, and other public events.
  • A ten commandments monument can be placed on government land. Teachers can hang a 10 commandments poster in the classroom.
  • Religious organizations cannot be excluded from government grants.
  • Soldiers can pray before a mission.

Now that you know some of the possibilities of how you can express your faith publicly, make the best of it by being aware of the available resources to help should you face resistance to your constitutional rights.

A pro-life legal organization called First Liberty wants to make sure you have all the resources you need at your fingertips to ensure your religious freedom. They’ve built a website just for this purpose. It’s called Restoring Faith in America and they have top-drawer legal expertise to offer, including their Religious Liberty Protection Kits via free downloads.

I’ve known the people at Free Liberty for several years and have witnessed them winning critical cases before the U.S. Supreme Court. Should you be faced with a violation of your religious freedom, you can request free legal help.

God has blessed us with an amazing win at the Supreme Court, so we need to make sure our fellow Americans know of their hard-won right to religious freedom. Please share this information as widely as you can. Neither Life Issues Institute or I benefit in any way from sharing this information with you. We believe it is absolutely essential to spread the news and reduce religious hostility in America.

For the right to life and religious liberty,

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