Mixed Results: Pro-Life Gains and Losses in the 2022 Midterms

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Life was on the ballot during the 2022 midterms, and the results provided reasons for both celebration and grieving.

Voters in California, Vermont and Michigan approved extreme pro-abortion measures. California Proposition 1, Vermont Proposal 5 and Michigan Proposal 3 enshrine a “right” to abortion in their respective state constitutions. The measures in California and Vermont allow abortion up to birth for any reason.

Montana and Kentucky failed to pass pro-life measures. Kentucky’s Amendment 2 would have prevented a “right” to abortion and tax funding of it. Montana’s Referendum 131 would have enacted protections for infants who were born alive after failed late-term abortions. Life Issues Institute grieves the impact these losses will have on future generations of unborn children.

We are on track to gaining a pro-life majority in the House of Representatives, which can blunt extreme pro-abortion legislation proposed by abortion activist members and the President. The outcome of which party controls the Senate is still pending.

Bradley Mattes, president of Life Issues Institute said, “The results convincingly show that pro-life candidates who met the abortion issue head-on and exposed their opponents’ extreme stands on the issue prevailed. Sadly, those who turned tail and ran often went down to defeat.” Prime examples of a winning strategy were Governors Ron DeSantis (FL) and Brian Kemp (GA), who were both reelected.

Life Issues Institute congratulates the pro-life victors, and while disappointed by the unsuccessful ballot measures, we will not be deterred. Pro-life education is the foundation on which political and legislative victories are built. Hearts soften and change when they know the truth of abortion. And we will continue to stand with women and their unborn babies.

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