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ve8QAd   |   September 23, 2022

Pro-life Senator Lindsey Graham has been taking flack for introducing legislation that would end late-term abortions.

The opposition is coming from abortion supporters, and sadly, some on our own side.

This criticism is misplaced because Senator Graham has given pro-life candidates an effective tool to both advance their careers as well as the cause for America’s unborn babies.

Since the demise of Roe v Wade, it has been troubling to see an element of silence on abortion from pro-life members of Congress who may believe their role in protecting our most vulnerable American citizens is completed.

The Dobbs decision was an enormous victory precisely because it gives Congress and state legislatures the authority to pass laws that save babies while protecting their mothers.

Sen. Lindsey Graham and Rep. Chris Smith

Senator Lindsey Graham and Congressman Chris Smith cosponsored a bill titled, Protecting Pain-Capable Unborn Children from Late-Term Abortions Act. It protects babies once they reach the age of 15 weeks and would rid our nation of the gruesome and inherently violent practice of killing preborn children through late-term abortion.

Pro-life incumbents and wannabe politicians need not fear the impact this legislation will have on their election prospects. A majority of Americans are with them in supporting an end to abortion after 15 weeks.

√  72% of voters support limiting abortions after 15 weeks. This includes 75% of women, 69% of men, 70% of Independents and 60% of Democrats.

√  The 15-week law is an almost 2-to-1 winning issue with voters. “A majority of    voters (53%) support the GOP candidate in this question. More importantly, only 28% support the Democrat.”

It’s all in the presentation.

Senator Graham and Congressman Smith have equipped pro-life candidates with an effective tool, but as with any political issue it’s how you convey the message that counts. Here are some examples of good campaigning:

  • This commonsense bill is supported by a clear majority of Americans who oppose late-term abortion. They recoil at the notion babies feel intense pain during abortion procedures.
  • My opponent holds a radical and extreme position. He/she supports abortion until birth.
  • It is time to modernize our abortion laws. My opponent supports policies that keep us in the company of China and North Korea that allow abortion until birth.

We must remain on the offensive in our battle to end abortion because the other side is aggressively attacking with an arsenal of lies and fearmongering. America’s unborn children and their parents depend upon us to defend them.

If the lies of abortion advocates are met with silence, the babies lose.

Please thank Senator Graham and Congressman Smith for their courage, passion, and selfless dedication to the most critical issue of our time.

If you are concerned this 15-week bill doesn’t go far enough to protect the babies, be assured we will not rest until all preborn children are protected in law from the moment of fertilization to natural death.

Defending LIFE,

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