Babies Killed to Combat Poverty

ve8QAd   |   September 01, 2022

The idea that we need abortion to reduce poverty is growing in a post-Roe environment. Those who continue to carry Margaret Sanger’s eugenics torch are advancing their cause in both subtle and shocking ways.

Sanger, whose mission was to weed out the undesirables of society would be proud of this ongoing strategic discrimination against America’s poor which has been evidenced on all levels of government and society.

A North Dakota abortion facility made this statement in its legal efforts to sideline pro-life legislation. “RRWC [Red River Women’s Clinic] also argues that without a preliminary injunction, patients who are denied the ability to have an abortion will cause poverty and financial distress to patients and the public has an interest in preventing this.”

Racism is often the motivation behind the effort to reduce poverty, particularly within the abortion industry. A North Carolina abortionist Ron Virmani was caught on video saying he didn’t want taxpayers on the hook for paying for “those babies” who he felt would grow up to live a life of crime. He also challenged pro-lifers, “Let me see you adopt one of those ugly black babies.”

The belief that poor babies only grow up to be criminals is common among those behind the war on poverty. Alabama State Rep. John Rogers (D) speaking against pro-life legislation said, “Some kids are unwanted, so you kill them now or you kill them later. You bring them in the world unwanted, unloved, you send them to the electric chair. So, you kill them now or you kill them later.”

Another State Representative, Brian Sims (D) from Pennsylvania, filmed himself harassing a pro-life elderly woman and teenage girls outside a Planned Parenthood abortion center in his district. His online tirade included condemnation of pro-life laws because the poor will just grow up to be criminals. “I’m angry that we have a school-to-prison pipeline and criminal justice system built on systemic racism…especially in communities of color.” That’s ironic because 79% of Planned Parenthood abortion centers are located in or near neighborhoods of color. Life Issues Institute research shows the Planned Parenthood facility Sims was defending was conveniently located between Black and Hispanic neighborhoods.

Aborting the poor is an international undertaking. The development minister for Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau stated that abortion is “a tool to end poverty.”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The United Nations is rife with discrimination against the world’s poor. At an annual meeting, a circulating report was titled, “Reducing Poverty and Achieving the Millennium Development Goals: Arguments for Investing in Reproductive Health & Rights.”

This eugenics philosophy has reached stratospheric heights. When asked about Medicaid-paid abortions, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said, “Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.”

MSNBC claimed the states showing the highest poverty are the same Red states likely to end abortion. But stop to consider that abortion on demand has been legal in these states for nearly fifty years, yet it hasn’t improved poverty. The pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute reported that 75% of all abortions are done on low-income women. Evidence indicates abortion isn’t the solution but is more likely exacerbating the problem.

Jesus said feed the poor. He didn’t say kill the poor. And when we offer a hand up for those struggling in abject poverty they have the potential to thrive like any other American citizen.

A diligent search would likely unearth a prolific list of famous individuals who were born into abject poverty or adverse situations yet made an indelible mark in the world. Here are just a few of them – all qualifying as poster children for Planned Parenthood.

Oprah Winfrey was born to a teen mother in rural Mississippi and raised without indoor plumbing.

Celine Dion is the youngest of 14 children who spent her childhood in poverty.

The father of famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo was an alcoholic and his mother wanted to abort him because they were so poor, however, the doctor refused to perform the procedure.

Dolly Parton often speaks about her poor upbringing which she credits for much of her success today. Born the fourth of twelve children, she proved to be a successful entertainer and brilliant business woman.

Charlie Chaplin lived in poverty and hardship. Because his father was absent, his mother struggled financially. Charlie was sent to a workhouse twice before age nine.

Singer Justin Beiber was born to drug-addicted teenagers and his dad abandoned them after his birth. They lived in a rat-infested home, surviving off of macaroni and cheese.

Harold Hamm is the founder and chairman of a multi-billion-dollar oil company Continental Resources, a far cry from his early years. He was the youngest of 13 children, born to parents who were sharecroppers. As a child, Harold was sent to work picking cotton barefoot.

The evidence shows poverty and large families are not deal breakers for success. Further, those who resist intense pressure to abort are often blessed beyond expectation.

Tenisha Copeland’s situation was so dire she faced immense bullying to abort her baby. But she held fast and gave birth to a son, Marquise who now sports a 2022 Super Bowl ring playing for the Los Angeles Rams.

Ginny Cammack was advised to abort her baby because she faced very serious health issues. She rejected abortion and now her daughter, Kat Cammack represents Florida’s Third Congressional District.

Country music star Rodney Atkins’ biological mother chose life for him and placed the infant for adoption. He’s now making his musical mark in the world.

Kathy Barnette, a US Senate candidate in Pennsylvania, owes her life to a 12-year-old girl victimized by rape.

Abortion isn’t the answer to poverty and struggles. An affirmation of life, plus help along the way is.

Protecting the innocent,

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