Fearmongering and Falsehoods


Fearmongering and Falsehoods

Bradley Mattes   |   August 08, 2022

Those who support unrestrained abortion are conducting campaigns of fearmongering.  They’re claiming women will die in states where pro-life legislation has passed because doctors will be powerless to treat their serious pregnancy complications.  Two of these false examples are miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy, that is a developing baby outside the womb.  In most cases, the laws that end abortion include specific wording allowing doctors to treat these legitimate health issues during pregnancy.  What we’re seeing is a deliberate distortion of the truth.  Pro-abortion activists have never had science and medicine on their side, so they may up falsehoods to scare people into thinking pro-life legislation that protects women while saving their babies is an evil danger.  Don’t believe them. 

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