13 Year Old Rape Victim Chose Life

If you’re a well-intended person who supports abortion in cases of rape, listen to Kali’s story.  At only thirteen years old, she was assaulted and became pregnant.  After hearing the heartbeat of her unborn son, she rejected abortion.  With the support of her mom Kali faced incredible pressure, gossip, bullying and stigma to have an abortion.  Not just from friends but doctors and nurses too.  All but one friend abandoned Kali when she needed them most.  The pregnancy was difficult, but she now has a darling son to love and cherish.  The rapist was caught and convicted for assaulting multiple women.  He’s now in jail.  Several women who chose abortion after rape have told me it was like being physically raped twice.   It’s the assailant we need to punish, not the innocent mother and child.

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