Easter Needed Now More Than Ever

ve8QAd   |   April 14, 2022

These are solemn days as we observe the passion and death of Jesus Christ. However, our mourning turns to rejoicing. Easter Sunday is a day of celebration for Christians all over the world.

Our risen Savior paid the price for every sin, including the sin of abortion and all its terrible trappings.

His redemption has never been more needed and necessary.

As we traverse the solemn days of Holy Week it seems appropriate timing. The last couple of weeks have accentuated the need of our Savior’s sacrifice.

Brad speaks at a Washington, DC rally demanding justice for the 5 babies

In my time as a pro-life advocate, I’ve seen some gruesome and discouraging realities of abortion on demand in America. But nothing prepared me for the latest round of evidence that abortion is a crime against humanity.

The butchered and broken bodies of five babies victimized by late-term abortion were more than anyone could fully comprehend. The evidence shows some of these children were brutally murdered in ways that violate federal law.

So far authorities have refused to conduct an investigation and independent autopsies to deliver justice for these precious babies.

Then, as if to pour salt on an open wound, it was revealed that Curtis Bay Energy, the company that came to collect these and other aborted babies from abortion centers, routinely incinerates their broken bodies to generate electricity for the greater Baltimore area. Curtis Bay’s website advertises their “Waste-to-Energy” program, which means if you live in the Baltimore, Maryland area, aborted babies have been burned to keep your lights on and your house warm.

You aren’t alone if this appalling revelation stirs up memories of the Jewish Holocaust. History is repeating as a modern-day holocaust called abortion.

The relevance of Holy Week and our risen Savior has never been more meaningful during these dark days.

Please join me in daily praying that the US Supreme Court will rule on the Dobbs late-term abortion case with justice and compassion. A favorable ruling will empower states to end this brutal crime against humanity.

Take heart if abortion has touched your life. Christ’s blood on that cross atones for your sins too. Our Redeemer lives! He lives for YOU!

From all the staff of Life Issues Institute have a blessed and happy Resurrection Day.

For the babies,

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