You Are Wrong Whoopi


You Are Wrong Whoopi

Bradley Mattes   |   December 13, 2021

On the View Whoopi Goldberg ripped into half the population — men who dare to have an opinion on abortion.  Supreme Court Justice Alito sent her into overdrive when he said, “The fetus has an interest in having a life.”  His mistake was humanizing the unborn child.  She was livid, declaring “How dare you talk about what a fetus wants!  Do any of you men have the possibility of carrying a fetus?”  What a sexist comment.  As a male I make no apologies for standing up to defend the most vulnerable citizens among us.  Abortion’s the most crucial civil rights battle of our age and men deserve a place at the table in this debate.  No, Whoopi, we men won’t be relegated to the back of the bus.  As long as abortion plagues our nation, millions of us will not be silent in the face of this modern-day holocaust.

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