European Union an Enemy of Life

ve8QAd   |   December 09, 2021

Lech Kowalewski’s pro-life credentials are considerable. He and his wife Ewa have been friends of mine for decades. Lech is president of Friends of Human Life Club Foundation (Fundacji “Klub Przyjaciół Ludzkiego Życia”). Board member of the Polish Federation of Pro-Life and Pro-Family Movements (Polska Federacja Ruchów Obrony Życia i Rodziny [PFROŻIR] & International Right to Life Federation.

The European Union and United Nations (UN) are colossal bully pulpits that browbeat pro-life nations into legalizing abortion on demand.

And these far-left bureaucracies have a bag of tools to force nations to submit to their extreme pro-abortion agendas.

Here’s what one nation is currently experiencing.

Poland is geographically located in the center of Europe and is a major fly in the ointment for the European Union (EU) that rules with an iron fist when it comes to the issue of abortion.

Lech Kowalewski, a long-time pro-life leader and colleague in Poland says his homeland is the only major European country that defends life widely. Here are some of the underhanded tactics the EU is wielding to try bringing this holdout nation into compliance.

Undermining Church Influence

Catholicism is by far the major religion in Poland, and it has boldly stood in the way of legalizing abortion. As a result, the EU is pulling out the stops to undermine it.

This has included continuous assaults in the media with unproven sexual allegations against priests and bishops. The goal, Polish pro-life leaders say, is to create an atmosphere of scandal, and thus undermine the authority of priests and the church.

Part of that includes a concerted effort to tarnish the influence and authority of religion in the eyes of Poland’s youth and social media is their weapon of choice.

Financial Pressures

Funds previously allocated for Poland to assist with post-COVID reconstruction are being withheld. The European Commission is refusing to transfer the COVID funds, claiming it would violate the rule of law which is contrary to established facts.

Poland is also facing huge fines for coal mining while Germany gets a free pass for doing the same thing. These actions are frequently not in accordance with unification treaties, and violate the rights of this EU member state.

The EU blatantly dismisses a nation’s pro-life laws and culture in an effort to achieve total submission to their extreme pro-abortion agenda for all of Europe. The EU again passed a directive ordering Poland to legalize abortion on demand, even though the nation’s Constitutional Tribunal declared abortion unconstitutional.

Manipulating Tragedy for Political Gain

Another tactic we have seen implemented in America is to take a medical tragedy, twist the facts and place the blame on pro-life laws or policies.

This was the situation recently with the death of a woman who was 22 weeks pregnant. Her water broke but she delayed going into the hospital until the following day. The mother was not properly monitored overnight and the next morning on the way to the operating room she died of sepsis.

The EU and Poland’s media claimed the doctors didn’t perform the necessary surgery because of its abortion laws. However, that was not the case. Poland allows exceptions for the life or health of the mother, so the physicians would not have been subject to prosecution. Sadly, this was a case of poor medical practice, but that didn’t hinder the massive campaign of lies.

US Political Pressure

Under the Biden administration the State Department made subtle changes to policy that has enabled it to give Poland a slap on the wrist for defending innocent human life. All the while notorious nations like China and North Korea that conduct forced abortions remain unscathed.

These policy changes are dangerous because they set the tone at the UN and are cited by international bodies in order to apply pressure on pro-life nations.

Lech says that all of this is a “cycle of blackmailing Poland” into legalizing abortion. He added, “The European Parliament directives do not have the force of international law and can be ignored.”

The Role of Religion

St. John’s church Radom, Poland

The Poland situation underscores the importance of religion to protect the unborn. The Catholic church is the driving force that keeps its laws pro-life.

In America it was the Catholic church back in the day that proved instrumental in establishing a solid foundation for the pro-life movement. Later, Evangelical, and other Protestant church bodies joined the life-saving battle. Like abolitionists of old, we owe America’s churches considerable credit for helping defeat grave civil injustice.

For the babies,

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