Big Man Brought Low


Big Man Brought Low

Bradley Mattes   |   November 02, 2021

Kenyon Coleman was a defensive end with the NFL.  It takes a big man to have a successful career in football, but something very small brought him to his knees – an unborn baby.  Years earlier, Kenyon got his girlfriend pregnant and he felt justified in choosing abortion.  But things weren’t as simple as he thought they’d be.  Reality has a way of breaking down our walls of denial and Kenyon learned to regret the abortion.  Now as a Christian he warns about the lifetime of guilt and shame that follow an abortion.  Another reality in his life is the blood of Christ covers every sin, including abortion.  Now as a former NFL star, he can influence the lives of many young men who look at abortion as he once did and spare them the anguish he endured.

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One thought on “Big Man Brought Low

  1. Thank you for fielding the issue of men involved in their part of an abortion maybe 20 or 40 years ago. That is my case. I was already struggling with identity and drinking when I got involved and then ran when the women said she was pregnant and from my responsibilities of the pregnancy. She called to tell me it’s ok she will “ take care of it”. I never saw her again. I tried to stop the drinking but only had a short term success and I went back to covering up my feelings in the bottle for 15 years. This was even after I met and married another woman and we had 2 sons. The guilt was not addressed until years later. I have become a Christian and accept God’s Son dying and resurrecting for my sins. And I am still working through the self forgiveness. I heard someone quote you about challenges men find later in life of difficulty finishing things. I get that too. I am now 18 years sober and while not fully healed I am open with my wife of this past sin and prayerfully working for full forgiveness. Thank you for sharing on the Man side of a life taking issue!

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