Life Issues Daily Radio Commentaries


Life Issues Daily Radio Commentaries

Bradley Mattes   |   August 30, 2021

Celebrating 30 Years of Pro-Life Education!

For 30 years Life Issues Institute has used radio to educate millions of Americans to the truth about abortion and related issues. Our daily radio commentary, Life Issues, airs on Christian radio stations in all 50 states, plus SiriusXM. The program has grown in popularity to over 1,270 radio outlets reaching 18 million actual listeners every week.

A new feature is a week of specially themed programming. We aired Back to School which offered basic pro-life education for students and parents, offering free website resources. Other themes included Abortion on Trial that revealed the ugly underbelly of the abortion industry, and Fostering Love, Adopting Joy promoted foster care and adoption. God’s Special Creations directed parents and families with children who have Down syndrome to critically needed resources. Forgotten Fathers, focused on dads suffering from loss due to a past abortion. There is a special place in Brad’s heart for these struggling men. We featured a website designed exclusively for hurting men and those who want to help them. Response has been very positive to our themed programming.

Each January we produce a half-hour radio special to be aired around Sanctity of Life Sunday. This year we celebrated the prominence of young people in the movement. We Will Be Their Voice, the New Pro-Life Generation aired on a record number 835 radio outlets with some airing it multiple times! We directed listeners to various youth-led organizations.

Your faithful support makes it possible to educate millions of people on important developments related to life issues. Brad’s daily commentaries are available as a free download direct to your email account. Please visit our website and click on the microphone icon.

Thank you for all that you do to support LIFE!

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