Coercion and Force on Pregnant Women


Coercion and Force on Pregnant Women

Bradley Mattes   |   July 27, 2021

When a Boston area woman told her boyfriend she was pregnant and not sure what she wanted to do, he demanded that she “get rid of” the baby, and held her captive for a week.  The woman eventually locked herself in an upstairs bathroom and jumped out of the window.  Neighbors saw him drag her back into the house and called police.  After breaking in, police found the woman unconscious with red marks on her neck.  The boyfriend is facing charges of kidnapping, strangulation, assault and battery.  If the abortion industry gets their way, the chemical abortion pill will be available to thugs like this who could force women to ingest the pill against their will or without their knowledge.  This would make abortion advocates guilty of aiding the assailants.

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