Doctors Group Got it Wrong


Doctors Group Got it Wrong

Bradley Mattes   |   June 22, 2021

Yesterday I told you about New Hampshire legislation to end abortion on babies six months old in the womb.  The New Hampshire Medical Society quietly pressured doctors to sign a letter by Planned Parenthood opposing the bill.  Their email stated the bill “has no health or safety benefit to patients” and “overrides a clinician’s judgement.”  The bill does promote the health and safety of patients – babies aborted late in pregnancy and their mothers exposed to added health risks of late-term abortion.  And yes, it overrides a clinician’s judgement.  If a doctor’s judgement says it’s okay to kill a baby late in pregnancy, he or she has very poor judgement that must be overridden.  Just because a doctor’s group is advocating something doesn’t make it good or right.

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