Sounds of the Unborn


Sounds of the Unborn

Bradley Mattes   |   February 19, 2021

This little toddler is likely the youngest musician ever.  Her name is Luca Yupanqui and the album was recorded while Luca was still in the womb.  Her parents who are both musicians, put electrodes on mom’s abdomen during five sound sessions.  They used biosonic MIDI technology that transcribed Luca’s vibrations in the womb into synthesizers.  Mom and Dad edited the sounds, trying to intervene as little as possible.  The album, titled Sounds of the Unborn, is set for an April 2nd release.  I don’t think Beethoven has any worries about being displaced in the market, but it’s cool an unborn child is being credited with making music in the womb.  If you’re curious to hear what it sounds like, click on the microphone icon at

Click here to listen to the recording.

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