We’re the Thybault Family

If there were such a thing, Mindy and Denny Thybault should get the Nobel Peace Prize for Adoption.  Their three children were grown, and they welcomed their first grandchild.  But they felt God was calling them to adopt an infant daughter.  When Liran was six months old, they welcomed newborn twin girls, one with serious health needs.  It doesn’t end there.  Mindy approached her husband with the idea of adopting frozen embryos.  She said, “We’ve coped so well, what’s another couple of babies?”  They adopted four embryos that resulted in a son…so far.  The second embryo, John, miscarried.  In time they plan to implant the third.  By worldly standards, this couple is insane, but by God’s it’s altogether a different story.  Please keep the Thybaults in your prayers.

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