Missed Period Pill


Missed Period Pill

Bradley Mattes   |   December 30, 2020

Desperate to increase the number of abortions, pro-abortion activists are advocating what they call “missed-period pill.”  In spite of the ease and simplicity of an at-home pregnancy test, they want women to come in for chemical abortion pills without even knowing if they’re pregnant.  They say women will avoid the mental pain and shame of having an abortion.  They’re telling them the side effects are like menstruation, which is a blatant and dangerous lie.  Her experience will likely be terrible and painful.  If the emotional turmoil is so bad that women must take the dangerous chemical abortion pill, it shouldn’t be done at all.  Feminists blame the grief and shame of abortion on stigma, but these are just more lies from the abortion industry.  It’s not stigma, it’s reality.

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