Merry Christmas Kat Cammack


Merry Christmas Kat Cammack

Bradley Mattes   |   December 24, 2020

Christmas, the gift of LIFE, the gift of LOVE.  Both are reflected in Kat Cammack’s life.  She’s a new congresswoman representing Florida’s Third Congressional District.  Kat’s mom had a stroke while pregnant with her sister.  When Kat came along six years later, doctors and her grandmother advised abortion, but her mom said no and instead gave her the temporal gift of life and love.  Now Kate’s transitioning to Congress and plans to use her position to advocate for life just like her mother fought for her.  She’ll speak against the hypocrisy of government, saying, “We’ll classify bacteria on Mars as life, but we won’t classify a heartbeat in the womb as life.”  Her bold stand on life might give the pro-abortion members heartburn.  Merry Christmas Kat Cammack!

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