Making the Best Choice Possible

COVID vaccines are about to hit the market and countless pro-life Americans wonder if they were produced using cell lines from an aborted baby.  Charlotte Lozier Institute has analyzed the top eight vaccines, all receiving Operation Warp Speed funding.  It examined whether each process used abortion-derived cells.  Pfizer and Moderna did not use aborted cells in the production of their vaccines.  However, they did utilize them in some laboratory testing, a process one step removed.  AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson used abortion-derived cells in both production and testing of their vaccines.  Visit and click on the microphone icon for details.  As you make decisions concerning vaccines, be informed about making the best choice possible.

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One thought on “Making the Best Choice Possible

  1. I plan to receive the first vaccine available to me. I will not inquire of the process. If given a choice, I will choose a vaccine that is not derived from aborted fetal tissue.

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