False Stories Circulate About COVID Vaccine

Four pro-life groups have reported that two lead COVID vaccines—Pfizer and Moderna—did not use cells from aborted babies to develop their products.  But misleading stories have surfaced to cast aspersions on the Pfizer vaccine.  One is the two-dose regiment isn’t safe for pregnant or nursing women.  But every vaccine excludes pregnant women from trials out of an abundance of caution, not because of any known risk.  Another story reported doctors filed a claim to stop Pfizer’s testing because of potential fertility concerns.  But according to stem cell expert, Doctor David Prentice, their evidence is faulty, and their claims are unfounded.  Visit lifeissues.org and click on the microphone icon for more details about this information.

Statement by Dr. David Prentice, VP and Research Director, Charlotte Lozier Institute

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