Christmas the Gift of LIFE, the Gift of LOVE

She was the talk of the town, and it wasn’t good.  Mary was pregnant and unmarried.  A sin like that could result in stoning.  By earthly standards, things looked grim.  But this wasn’t an earthly pregnancy.  If Planned Parenthood had been in Nazareth, the abortion chain would’ve quickly sought Mary out.  Today, a girl like her would be a prime target for abortion.  Mary was obedient to the Lord’s will and Jesus was born.  That first Christmas the shepherds and the rest of humanity were set free from the clutches of Satan.  Because of an unplanned pregnancy, believing hearts are now safely in the hands of God for eternity.  Christmas, the gift of LIFE, the gift of LOVE.  It’s such a special gift, we’ll be talking about it all week.  Merry Christmas!

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