Legacy of LIFE & LOVE

Regardless of the outcome of the presidential election.

Apart from whether or not we maintain a pro-life Senate.

Irrespective of pro-life gains in the House of Representatives.

The life-saving work of the pro-life movement—particularly a point where the rubber meets the road—goes on.

The pro-life movement is regularly accused of only caring about the baby in the womb, and neglecting the needs of young parents and infants. You now have a powerful response.

In past years, we used to affectionately call them the “Service” branch of the movement. More recently they’ve been referred to as A Legacy of Life and Love.

I’m talking about the thousands of pregnancy centers that last year assisted nearly two million clients facing an unexpected pregnancy, or in need of testing, mentoring, education, or other assistance related to pregnancy.

Thanks to Charlotte Lozier Institute, you can conclusively see how critically important and effective this grassroots network of Life and Love was during 2019. The latest edition of Pregnancy Centers Stand the Test of Time, A Legacy of LIFE & LOVE Report Series is out. It surveyed pregnancy centers to determine the services they offer to their communities.

Here’s a brief summary of what you’ll find in this complementary online publication. And remember these services are free.

      • Almost ¾ of a million pregnancy tests
      • Nearly a half-million sonograms
      • More than 160,000 STI/STD tests
      • 3 million packs of diapers
      • Over 30,000 new car seats
      • More than 2-million baby clothing outfits
      • 19,000-plus strollers

Their services extended beyond pregnancy and delivery, such as 1.7 million parenting classes and nearly 900,000 students who attended sexual risk avoidance classes.

Other services included:

      • Childbirth classes
      • Breastfeeding consultations
      • Prenatal care
      • Fertility awareness
      • Diet and nutrition consultations
      • Well-women exams
      • Pap tests
      • Abortion pill reversals

Mothers and fathers who have tragically chosen abortion are not left out. Over 108,000 abortion recovery sessions were held, which is an expanding part of the Legacy. The Abortion Recovery Coalition is made up of 35 organizations that specialize in after abortion care.

Nearly 69,000 dedicated individuals provide all of these services. Over 10,000 are medically licensed. More than three-quarters are unpaid volunteers.

Of course, these services and products cost money, however, clients of the pregnancy centers pay nothing. This has resulted in a total savings to nearby communities of nearly $2.2 million dollars in 2019 alone.

What it boils down to, are women and men finding the resources they need to say yes to life? Alison from Portland, Maine sums it up well.

“When it comes to something as precious as pregnancy, no woman should ever feel like she has no voice in the matter. ABBA [her center] helps you find that voice.”

It’s easy to see why this segment of the pro-life movement is affectionately called A Legacy of LIFE & LOVE. It’s what they demonstrate each and every day.

For the babies and their parents,

Bradley Mattes
President, Life Issues Institute

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