Feinstein Attacked for Courtesy


Feinstein Attacked for Courtesy

Bradley Mattes   |   October 26, 2020

California Senator Diane Feinstein is a very liberal politician who serves as ranking member on the Judiciary Committee.  She’s been a solid pro-abortion vote throughout her political career.  But Senator Feinstein fell out of grace with NARAL, an extreme pro-abortion organization in DC.  The Senator’s crime was demonstrating common courtesy.  She thanked Republican Committee Chairman, Senator Lindsey Graham, for his fairness in leading the confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Barrett.  NARAL’s chairman went ballistic in a scathing criticism and demanded Senator Feinstein be replaced on the Committee.  If this is how they treat a US Senator who’s done the bidding of pro-abortion groups for decades, it’s certainly going to help our cause for LIFE. Let’s pray it be so soon.

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One thought on “Feinstein Attacked for Courtesy

  1. Unblievable in my life time to see/hear of this blatant public disregard for decency and doing “the right thing”here in my beloved USA”! It really is separate from the pro life v pro choice argument.
    I believe that this is a reflection of my long held belief that such actions will occur in any country that legalizes abortion!

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