A Deadly Slippery Slope


A Deadly Slippery Slope

Bradley Mattes   |   October 09, 2020

Lawmakers in the UK are again pushing to legalize euthanasia, but experts in the Netherlands where it’s been legal have come forward to express strong opinions against it.  That country’s most prominent euthanasia providers documented it easily expanded beyond original limits.  Bert Keizer, a worker for a euthanasia clinic, said it consistently results in “the random killing of defenseless sick people.”  He added, “Every time a line was drawn, it was pushed back.”  One Dutch ethicist said euthanasia led to an increase in suicide by 35%.  At the same time, suicides went down in Germany where euthanasia isn’t legal.  The people who were once euthanasia’s greatest advocates are now telling other nations it’s a deadly slippery slope.

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One thought on “A Deadly Slippery Slope

  1. Very good info, people need to think about this. Much more prayer is needed for us to make the right choices and weigh the consequences of these choices.

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