Wise Words


Wise Words

Bradley Mattes   |   September 10, 2020

“The answer to questions ailing America come through the womb of a woman.”  Wise words from Louisiana State Senator Katrina Jackson, a guest on our new half hour radio special, Court is in Session, Life Hangs in the Balance.  My guests discuss the importance of the US Supreme Court to ending abortion.  Senator Jackson said we may have aborted those God sent to provide cures for cancer and other diseases.  And that’s why it’s urgent we end this modern-day holocaust called abortion.  She added, if we’re to be a great nation, “every life has to matter and everyone in the womb must come to experience what God has for them.  We’re all depending upon those babies to be born.”  A compelling message for turbulent times.  Visit lifeissues.org for details.

Click here for the full program

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