Adult Stem Cells Save Baby Girl


Adult Stem Cells Save Baby Girl

Bradley Mattes   |   August 03, 2020

Regann Moore is a sweet, happy two-year-old who was diagnosed with Krabbe Disease days after she was born.  It destroys the protective coating over nerve cells in the brain and nervous system, which usually results in death at two years.  Her dad, Ferrell, thought his happy world had come to an end.  They rushed her back to the hospital where only an adult stem cell transplant would save her.  An umbilical cord blood donor was a near-perfect match and the treatment was successful.  Regann amazes her doctors every time she returns for a checkup.  Ferrell can’t believe how much she can do on the iPad, figuring it out by herself.  Visit and click on the microphone icon to see a brief enchanting video on the family.


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