From Tragedy to Joy

ve8QAd   |   July 29, 2020

Regann Moore is a bubbly and happy two-and-a-half-year-old girl who—according to his own admission—has daddy wrapped around her little finger.

But it has been far from smooth sailing. Only days after her birth, Ferrell Moore thought his happy life with his beautiful daughter was coming to a tragic end.

Doctors had phoned with catastrophic news.

Postnatal screening after Regann’s birth revealed she suffered from Krabbe Disease. This is an inherited condition that destroys the protective coat covering her nerve cells in the brain and throughout the nervous system. Krabbe usually takes the life of its victim by age two.

Ferrell and his mother, Diana were devastated.

They were instructed to rush Regann back to the hospital where she was connected to IVs and tubes. The only thing that would save her life was the infusion of adult stem cells into her tiny body.

An urgent search to find an umbilical cord blood donor resulted in a near perfect match. The stem cell transplant—an emotional rollercoaster for Regann’s dad and grandmother—was worth the struggle. Regann’s treatment resulted in a successful and happy outcome.

Whenever Regann returns for a checkup, doctors are amazed by her progress. At one time the future looked pretty bleak and now, while developmentally behind her peers, this happy little girl is taking life by storm.

Ferrell can be forgiven for bragging on his daughter. “She’s real strong in her arms. And what she does with the iPad, it amazes us. She has figured all that stuff out herself.”

Regann Moore is one of an ever-increasing number of Americans receiving life-changing treatments and cures with adult stem cells. These therapies have totally eclipsed the consistent failures of embryonic stem cells that rely on the deaths of countless human embryos to power their failed experimentation.

Charlotte Lozier Institute has produced a new, brief video featuring Regann’s life-saving treatment. After you watch, browse the Stem Cell Research Facts website where you’ll see other amazing videos. You will also find a wealth of information regarding the promise and realized benefits of these life-affirming treatments.

Regann’s life will forever be impacted by Krabbe Disease, yet her future is a stark comparison with those who didn’t benefit from adult stem cell treatment.

It’s a good life.

Judging from her enchanting video, it’s going to be filled with love and joy.

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