Putting Rh Negative Women at Risk


Putting Rh Negative Women at Risk

Bradley Mattes   |   June 18, 2020

The abortion industry and its advocates are working to ban the safety requirements established by the FDA to protect women who use the chemical abortion pill.  One requisite is a test to screen for Rh-negative blood.  If a Rh-negative woman has an abortion, she may produce antibodies that could attack the blood cells of future unborn babies and cause death.  Once a woman develops these antibodies, all future pregnancies are at risk.  If she has a blood test at the time of the abortion, they can identify the problem and it can be treated.  In their zeal to eliminate any hindrance to assembly line abortion, not only will they be killing the unborn child, they’ll be jeopardizing the future fertility of countless women.  We must love them both.

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