They Did It for You

ve8QAd   |   May 21, 2020

Memorial Day is an opportunity to honor those brave men and women who have valiantly fought to protect our freedoms. Their sacrifice benefited not only Americans but people around the world.

The Declaration of Independence states that America’s citizens “are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

The reason our forefathers listed “life” first is self-explanatory. Without a right to life there is no right to education, no right to immigration, no right to healthcare, there is no right to liberty or pursuit of happiness, no rights at all.

Our nation’s youth appear to be embracing this tenet of the Declaration of Independence and are making themselves known…even in unlikely places.

The New York Times ran a surprising article, considering their consistent support of unregulated abortion, that reveals a pro-life vein pulses through a majority of millennials.

Life Issues Institute does not endorse any political party or candidate. We are simply reporting on this development.

The Times interviewed dozens of young Republicans between 18 to 23 years of age. Nearly all of them identified at least one major issue on which they disagreed with their Party but pushed it aside because of what they consider the priority issue—abortion.

Times reporter Maggie Astor wrote, “Abortion is, very often, the issue that is sacrosanct—the one that outweighs their concern about climate change, for instance…”

And this passion for the unborn is not limited to millennials. Astor cited Melissa Deckman, a political scientist studying Generation Z at Washington College who said, “This is an issue that’s just become nonnegotiable, even among younger people.”

Astor also cited a Harvard University survey of young adults 18 to 29. Even though just 30% of the Republicans polled were closely aligned with the president, 82% said they would vote for him.

Single issue voting, on a wide range of social and political issues, is a time-honored American tradition and right.

A right protected by our armed services throughout many generations.

During the Memorial Day weekend, if you see a veteran, thank him or her. When you encounter someone who’s lost a loved-one to battle, embrace them (if not physically then in words). Let them know their sacrifice and that of their soldier will never be forgotten, never be taken for granted, and always be cherished and appreciated.

We did a special two-part television program dedicated to those who sacrificed so much to secure our right to life, as well as a myriad of other rights. It’s called A Lifetime Sacrifice and was honored by The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences with an Emmy® award.

When you watch, you’ll meet a young widow who was pregnant when faced with the death of her husband. A Gold Star mother shares the grief of losing her son. And a mother/son team describe their journey as he battled back from horrific wounds.

All of them said the unspeakable cost was worth it. They did it for you. The only thing they ask in return is that you never forget their sacrifice.

Sincerely for LIFE,

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